Judo was originally created in 1882 by Jigoro Kano as a physical, mental, and moral discipline in Japan. A judo practitioner is called a judoka. More than a martial arts, Judo can help improve the overall aspects of the practitioners life. It is an excellent activity for adults, developing cardio conditioning, motor coordination, strength, flexibility and mental health.

A Judo class includes:

  • Warm up: We alternate regular warm up exercises like jumping jacks, abs, push ups with funcional exercises that are applied in Judo
  • Technique: Students will learn the attacks and defense in a controled environment with close supervision and support of the instructor
  • Drill: Student will practice the technique
  • Sparring: Students will be matched by the instructors in pairs and will put in practice their learnings

Judo is a great health and fitness activity. After a few classes you will feel stronger and energized and in a few weeks you will loose weight and gain muscle mass. Your resistance will improve and will observe changes in your body and mood.

Our Judo head coach is Pedro Loffredi, a Brazilian-American who started practicing Judo as a kid in Rio de Janeiro under Sensei George Medhi. Pedro has trained with the brazilian national team and been teaching for many years, having thought at the West Point millitary academy. For more information about Pedro Loffredi check his bio.

At Mario Sperry Jiu Jitsu, we teach Judo to adults and kids. Judo classes  are offered separately from Jiu Jitsu classes as its own program and as part of our Jiu Jitsu packages.

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